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IoT App Development

Create spectacular connected systems to increase transparency and maximize ROI!

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  • Real-time decision making
  • Generate better revenue
  • Improved marketing automation
  • Optimized use of resources
  • Smart & enriched supply chain
  • Enhanced connectivity in different domains

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Our IoT Development Process

We have devised a unique and workable IoT development process that helps us cater to your needs, and build applications that suit your purpose.



At this stage, we tend to define the roadmap for the application development. We gather requirements, understand your goals, and take feedback from your customers.



The next step is prototyping. We build prototypes for your IoT application to give you an idea of how it will look, and what will be connected where.



We start building the architecture at the micro level. Further, we detail out the end-to-end blueprints and converge them with cloud, mobile, and analytics for the best results.


Design & Development

In this stage, we begin with the actual designing process. We start coding the applications and developing the software.



Here, we use the agile methodology to ensure development and testing of sprints. We ensure completely tested applications for your enterprise.



In order to make advancements and improvements as needed, we keep the applications under scrutiny and keep monitoring and evaluating them.

IoT apps are an important part of the connected future, creating smarter, connected solutions, and impacting people meaningfully. We help businesses to bring their IoT ideas to life with lean and effective development.

Some of Our IoT Abilities are

  • Voice-enabled technologies
  • Socket Programming
  • Wi-Fi connected Devices
  • BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Third-Party Hardware Integration
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Background Services
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Data Stream
  • Offline-Online Syncing

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QUALITY of each app created is very important! So we have partnered with testing specialists - Testbytes to ensure each app is amazing for its users.

Industries That We Have Served

  • IconConnected Home
  • IconAutomotive
  • IconHealthcare
  • IconTransportation & Logistics
  • IconRetail
  • IconManufacturing

Services You Can Avail

  • IconIoT Consultancy
  • IconIoT Solutions
  • IconIoT Architecture Development
  • IconIoT Module Development
  • IconIoT Testing
  • IconSupport & Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which industries focus on IoT app development services?

Healthcare, automotive, retail, manufacturing, construction, energy, smart city, home automation, wearables, etc.

2. How much cost-effective is it to build IoT solutions?

If done in the right way, IoT app development can increase the ROI and operational efficiency of an app. This can help in delivering exceptional customer experience.

3. How do you ensure the security of an IoT system in terms of data exchange?

Data communication is protected using hybrid data encryption standards.

4. How long does it take to develop an IoT app solution?

This is completely based on the project requirement. A minimum of 2-3 months would be taken to complete a project.

5. Can you help us connect to the cloud?

Yes. Starting from the IoT project setup to the gateway, cloud servers, to analytics, we can help you with the whole app development process.

6. Which are the technologies we use to develop IoT mobile app?

We have solid experience in creating IoT app solutions in development platforms like Android and iOS. The technologies we mainly use are Bluetooth, WiFi, WiFi-Direct, Bluetooth smart, Zigbee, iBeacons, and NFC to offer cutting-edge IoT solutions for your business.

Redbytes has incorporated first-class IoT app services connecting numerous everyday activities at your fingertips.

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