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Transform your idea into a customizable, simple and robust Donation app system

  1. Fast & easy donations (online payment integration)
  2. Inform, educate and entertain your customers
  3. Demonstrate value to customers by highlighting impact

Types of Donation AppDevelopment

  1. Crowd funding: The process of raising money as a result of combined effort from friends, family, individuals, investors etc.
  2. Fundraising: This is the process of collecting money as donations for a particular cause.
  3. Charity: The method of helping people who are sick or poor in the form of money, groceries, clothes, etc.

Features of Donation App

  1. Easy Login
  2. Accept donations
  3. Push notifications
  4. Updated news gallery
  5. View event and fundraising calendar
  6. Showcase sponsors and supporters
  7. Accept month/weekly donations
  8. Book to attend events
  9. Secured payment gateways
  10. Multi-lingual support
  11. Download publications
  12. View real-time news and notifications
  13. Multi-currency support
  14. Monthly/annually recurring donations
  15. Contact form
  16. Messages via SMs/Whatsapp
  17. Customized content on the cause.

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Our Services includes

  1. Launch standalone pages quickly
  2. Create perfect donation form
  3. Own the donation data
  4. Empower donors to manage their giving
  1. Earmark donations for specific projects
  2. Push donation data to the existing system
  3. Perfect and accurate app maintenance and support
  4. App approval from Android and iOS app stores

Why chooseRedbytes?


End to end app development


Efficient testing policies


Guaranteed confidentiality


Strategic features


Affordable estimation costs


Effective team


On-time project delivery

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Core Features of Our Donation App

  • Registration
  • Profile Creation
  • Dashboard
  • Searching Organization
  • Payment Gateway
  • Reports
  • Search & Filter
  • Adding/Managing Events
  • Notifications
  • Settings
  • Password management
  • Dashboard
  • End User Management
  • Adding Non-profit Organization/Campaigns
  • Reports
  • Search & Filter
  • Manage Donations

Tech Stack used forDevelopment


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QUALITY of each app created is very important! So we have partnered with testing specialists - testbytes to ensure each app is amazing for its users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to develop a Donation app?

The cost depends on the platform and features in which the app is developed. It also varies according to the location and languages used.

2. What is the best way of communication after the project is signed?

Once the assignment is signed, you will be provided with a point of contact, his contact number, email id and skype id, through which further communications and suggestions can be made. We are pleased to do any alterations in the work as per the client requirement.

3. Do you provide Maintenance and support for the application once it is launched?

Redbytes have a well experienced team of Techies who can help you further with any updates, maintenance and support according to the need.

4. Do I need to test the app before the launch?

Yes, ofcourse. We have a perfect testing and Quality Assurance team. But still we also need you to test if after our process as the way we use your app for testing and what is there on your mind on how to use the app may be different.

5. How faster do you deliver my project?

The time of delivering the project depends on the number of resources working on backend, the technology used and the security requirements. If you have any urgency or timeframe, as per the information we can plan the launching accordingly.

App Maintenance

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