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Automotive Industry

Create different automotive apps for better management, efficiency and ROI !

Why Choose US?

We cater innovative software and applications to help the automotive sector to be more sustainable and cost effective

Build innovative solutions that help you address competitive pressures, customer demands and new digital trends

Help upgrade the traditional models with emerging technologies

End-to-end automotive solutions that help build customers their own brand

Through automotive apps, we create real-time digital experiences

Features we have worked on

  • Locking & unlocking
  • Seating management
  • Engine start/stop
  • Temperature control
  • Automatic Routing
  • Automatic Allocation
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring

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Core Features of Our Automotive App

    • Login
    • Automatic routing
    • Locking & unlocking
    • Schedule trips
    • Pick up points
    • Drop locations
    • Trip history
    • Engine controls
    • Monitor vehicle health
    • Automatic allocation
    • Search services
    • Service notifications
    • Upload vehicle images
    • Digital invoices
    • Online payments
    • Push notifications
    • Terms & conditions
    • Drivers management
    • Dashboard
    • Site statistics
    • Queries & feedbacks
    • User management
    • Service management
    • Automotive upgrades
    • Payment management
    • Manage trips
    • Send Push notifications
    • Send Push notifications
    • Send Push notifications
    • Send Push notifications
    • Send Push notifications
    • Send Push notifications
    • Send Push notifications
    • Send Push notifications

50+ Developers


351+ Apps


300+ Clients


3M+ Installs


We offer multi-platform mobile app services

Offer comprehensive coverage with high quality end products

Experience in working with automotive apps that provide seamless support in vehicle platforms

High end proven software development models applied in each automotive app

Apps with interactive UX/UI designs for both mobile and websites


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Mobile App Testing
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QUALITY of each app created is very important! So we have partnered with testing specialists - testbytes to ensure each app is amazing for its users.


School Bus Tracking App

Enables parents and school authorities to track the real-time location of a school bus from anywhere, anytime using RFID tags and GPS trackers.

Attendant App

This transport manager app where the attender can verify the attendance

Transport Manager App

This app aims at helping school bus fleet managers while on-the-go and provides the ability to communicate and monitor his/her whole fleet.

Lear App

This automated seating is one such app that can manage the seat positions and the user need not interact with the seat to change the seat configurations.

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Our dedicated mobile app developers can take care of all your development needs and deliver mobile applications that help you scale up your business and improve your ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to create an automotive app?

It's difficult to mention an exact amount as different app cost varies according to their functions and specifications.

2. What kind of tools and technologies do you use?

We work on both native and cross-platform apps. In the case of native apps, we use Java, Swift, Objective C, C# etc. For cross-platform apps we use- Xamarin, Corona SDK, HTML5, Javascript, Sencha etc.

3. Do I get an admin to manage service provider?

Yes, admin support is given to our clients to manage services.

4. What are the features you can add to an automotive application?

With high-end services and proven methodologies, we can exercise automation, IoT, voice controls, real-time vehicle monitoring, increased safety, GPS facility and even incorporate hands-free gesture controls.

5. Will my mobile app data be secure?

In the case of automotive apps, there’s a huge amount of data being consumed. For us, security is of high priority and we use high-security standards to meet all your app requirements.

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