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Gym and Power Lifting Belts


We offer High Quality and Heavy Duty Leather Belts for Gym Training. All our workout belts are designed specifically for Power Lifting , Weight Lifting , Crossfit and Bodybuilding. At MG Activewear we test and inspect the quality of all our gym belts physically in UAE . We are confident with our strong selection of weight lifting and powerlifting belts are better than quality found of generic gym belts in amazon . Be Safe and buy only genuine quality gym belts in uae from MG Activewear to Stabelize your core for exercises such as Squats and Deadlifts.

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Gorilla Wear 6 Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt

The Gorilla Wear 6 Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt reduces stress on the lower back and prevents hyperextension while heavy lifting. The pressure of the belt supports the lower back and stabilizes the spine when performing bodybuilding and power lifting exercises. Features adjustable Fit , Padding for comfort and 100% leather .
200.00 (AED)

Gasp Training Belt

Really strong and durable Weight Lifting belt for a good day in the gym. Black Amara on the outside and natural suede on the inside. Extremely cool GASP embroidery on the back and on the front belt loop! High quality buckle with two pins for good stability! The belt is 10cm (4 inches) wide.
360.00 (AED)

Gasp Weight Lifting Belt

Gym Belt with premium design for elite athletes for bodybuilding and weight lifting. Workout safer and protect your back during weight lifting with Gasp Lifting Belt . GASP Lifting Belt is extremely soft yet still provides stability and support for most of the lifts in the gym. Once you put it on, you’ll notice that the leather moves with your body and the more you use it, the more it’ll shape and form with you. Please Note : The GASP Lifting Belt is made with high quality, environmentally friendly vegetable tanned leather. With the type of dyeing technique used, color will bleed onto other fabrics and clothing, especially when new.
550.00 (AED)

Gorilla Wear 4 Inch Women Lifting Belt | Black/Purple

The Gorilla Wear 4 Inch Women's Lifting Belt is designed specifically for women who work out. The lifting belt reduces stress on the lower back and prevents hyperextension while heavy lifting.Quality: 45% polypropylene foam, 25% nylon, 20% polypropylene, 10% polyester Width: 4 Inches (10 Centimeters)
109.00 (AED)


7MM Heavy Duty Pro Leather Belt with Adjustable Buckle - Stabilizing Lower Back Support 4 Inches Wide for Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Cross Training. Featuring Military inspired Camo Color and Matt Black Gun Metal Buckle.
120.00 (AED)


4” inches wide & 8 mm thick Power Lifting leather belt made from high quality cowhide leather for maximum durability with heavy-duty lever buckle easy to fasten, 100% Nylon thread.
185.00 (AED)