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Amor up with the prime quality weight lifting support wear and get ready to train to your max ! MG Activewear offers superior standard wrist wraps , wrist straps , knee wraps , weight lifting belts and much more to enure you are well protected in the iron dungeon. We want to ensure that you train to your potential with low risk of injury that is why we encourage the use of weight lifting accessories for heavy compound moves such as squats , deadlifts , and bench. Select and shop online gym accessories in UAE by Gorilla Wear , Gasp Official , Better Bodies and Might&Glory.


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Gorilla Wear 6 Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt

The Gorilla Wear 6 Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt reduces stress on the lower back and prevents hyperextension while heavy lifting. The pressure of the belt supports the lower back and stabilizes the spine when performing bodybuilding and power lifting exercises. Features adjustable Fit , Padding for comfort and 100% leather .
200.00 (AED)


MEDIUM SUPPORT Wrist Wraps for weight lifting by MIGHT&GLORY . This Wrist Wraps is made with Medium Compression Elastic to give your wrist solid support during intense weight lifting sets. Wrist Wraps add support and stability to your wrist when performing push exercises such as bench press , and military press . It is 14 inch Width and 3 inch height.
69.00 (AED)


Strong Wrist Straps with wrist pads for Power Lifting and Heavy Weight Training. This wrist straps is constructed with heavy duty 100% cotton Canvas material . Get unbreakable grip on heavy deadlift, lat pull downs and dumbbells' rows. Maximize your gains with best gym accessories available at MG Activewear.
65.00 (AED)


Super Supportive Wrist Wraps for Power Lifting and Heavy Weight Training. This Wrist Wraps is made with Strong Elastic to give your wrist solid support during intense weight lifting sets. It is 14 inch Width and 3 inch height. Use this wrist wraps for your next PR !
79.00 (AED)

Better Bodies Lifting Straps | Black

Lift heavier weights – build more muscles! The Better Bodies Lifting Straps are made out of a durable cotton canvas that has been supported with wrist pad cushions for extra comfort and wrist protection. They have an adjustable hand loop with reinforced stitching and an extended length that makes it possible for you to wrap the bar multiple times. Durable cotton canvas lifting straps Adjustable hand loop with reinforced stitching Extended length (60 cm) – wrap the bar multiple times! 3,8 cm wide Wrist pad cushions for comfort and extra protection Material: 100% cotton straps with neoprene padding Length: 60 cm Width: 3,8 cm
45.00 (AED) 60.00 (AED)

Better Bodies Leather Lifting Straps | Yellow

High quality lifting straps with a high comfortability. They are made out of 100% cowhide leather for a robust feel and a great durability. With Better Bodies Lifting Straps you can lift heavier weights and get better results from your hours at the gym. Strong and durable lifting straps Improves your grip during heavy lifts Made out of 100% cowhide leather Material: Cowhide leather Size: One size fits all
68.00 (AED) 90.00 (AED)

Better Bodies Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps by Better Bodies offers stability and protection to wrist joints during pressing movements. Features: 13,5 inch, rigid, thumb loop to assist in putting the wrist wrap on. Select the stylish Camo Combo you like. Available colors Dark camo and Dark Green Camo.
70.00 (AED) 100.00 (AED)

Gasp Training Belt

Really strong and durable Weight Lifting belt for a good day in the gym. Black Amara on the outside and natural suede on the inside. Extremely cool GASP embroidery on the back and on the front belt loop! High quality buckle with two pins for good stability! The belt is 10cm (4 inches) wide.
360.00 (AED)

Gasp Weight Lifting Belt

Gym Belt with premium design for elite athletes for bodybuilding and weight lifting. Workout safer and protect your back during weight lifting with Gasp Lifting Belt . GASP Lifting Belt is extremely soft yet still provides stability and support for most of the lifts in the gym. Once you put it on, you’ll notice that the leather moves with your body and the more you use it, the more it’ll shape and form with you. Please Note : The GASP Lifting Belt is made with high quality, environmentally friendly vegetable tanned leather. With the type of dyeing technique used, color will bleed onto other fabrics and clothing, especially when new.
550.00 (AED)

Gorilla Wear Shaker | Black

High Quality 1000 ML Shaker Bottle for your Protein Shakes. By Gorilla Wear. Features : Measurement Scale on the side.
35.00 (AED)

Gorilla Wear Water Jug 2.2L - Black

Stay hydrated in the gym with Big size water jug with easy handle. Carries 2.2 Ltr volume. By Gorilla Wear
55.00 (AED)

Gorilla Wear 4 Inch Women Lifting Belt | Black/Purple

The Gorilla Wear 4 Inch Women's Lifting Belt is designed specifically for women who work out. The lifting belt reduces stress on the lower back and prevents hyperextension while heavy lifting.Quality: 45% polypropylene foam, 25% nylon, 20% polypropylene, 10% polyester Width: 4 Inches (10 Centimeters)
109.00 (AED)


If you are shopping at MG Activewear then you know that you are a serious about weight lifting and want to perform to your maximum potential . It's YOU versus IRON so you need to armor up and get ready for your daily battles in the gym. Weight training with a shedule means that you will be hitting compound moves such as bench press , dead lift , squats and many other variations that are going to tax your joints. In order to protect your joints from repetitive strains and compressions MG Activewear suggests the following supportive wear that you must have in your gym bag. 


Push Exercises for upper body is considered as pressing movement away from body such as bench press , military press and others that put a compressive (downward) force on your wrist. With increased repetitions and heavier load many athletes experience acute wrist pains. 


Wrist Wraps are specifically design to add extra support on the wrist to keep them strong position during the exercise. Thus reducing chances of injury. The wrist wraps come in variety of Stiffness to match the athletes weight lifting requirments. 


  • Soft Support Wrist Wraps For Lighter Weights and higher rep sets. 
  • Medium Support Wrist Wraps For Intermediate athletes.
  • Super Stiff Support for Power Lifters and Bodybuilder who are looking to perform MAX lifts. 


Pull exercises for upper body refer to pulling movement towards the body such as dumbell rows , pull ups , cable pull down , bent over barbell rows and dead lifts. Due to fatigue or over loading of weights athletes often fail their grips or start to pull extensively from their biceps instead of their target muscle. This can result in non performance of exercise and in some cases bicep injuries. 


The Wrist Straps adds extra grip around the bar , or dumbell while reducing the strain on your biceps. This allows the athlete to perform and target the actual working mucle without extra pressure on bicep nor failing due to loss of grip mid set. The wrist straps come in variety of thickness to match the needs of athlete.


  • Flat Wrist Straps for lighter support for beginners. 
  • Thick and Heavy Wrist Straps for Advanced powerlifter for max PR.


Training legs is dreaded and painful as it is , adding acute knee joint pain into the mix and soon you will be skipping leg day. Our knees take a beating over the years and once you hit 30 plus you start feeling the wear and tear. That is why knee wraps are extremely important people with knee pain and also for young guns who think they are bullet proof ! It is wise to keep the pressure of the joints even if you think that you have strong knees. By securing and protecting your knees during heavy spuats , leg press and leg variations you are increasing the longevity of your knee joints. 

We encourage to use our strong quality knee wraps to add stability and compression to help you safely target your working muscle with reduce pressure on joints. At MG Activewear we offer two variation of knee support based on type of training and athletes preferences

  • Knee Wraps - These are elasticated wraps that tie securely around the knee and fasten them just before the working set. The athlete can adjust the level of compression to suit his requirment of soft or stiff support based on amount of load being lifted.Once the set is completed it is better to unfasten or loosen the wraps to ensure blood flow. 
  • Knee Sleeve - These are compressive sleeve normally used by crosffit athletes who wear them around the knee like socks. They offer added compression around the knee for complete duration of the workout.


Lower back pain is a very common injury at the gym due to poor core stability and hyperextention.Weight Lifting belt helps reduce lower back pressure and increase intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). The weight lifting belt is used during upright lifts such as deadlifts , squats and over head presses to protect against hyperextension of lower back. It is highly recommended to wear a good quality weight lifting or power lifting belt when you are lifting medium to heavy load.